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Barricade Fire Gel is the only DIY product we sell directly to home owners.  It's ability to make combustible materials temporarily non-combustible makes it an adaptable and powerful tool for wildfire protection.  For a quick and affordable way to implement a Non-Combustible Zone or protect particularly vulnerable areas, Barricade Fire Gel offers remarkable last minute protection. 

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"A homeowner can put this long lasting fire-protective gel coating onto their home and when they come back their house is still standing after the fire goes through."

-John Bartlett, Barricade owner



The only fire gel to recieve an EPA "Champion" Award, the highest level of recognition, for its environmentally friendly formula and the use of safer surfactants


A liquid concentrate which, when mixed with water, provides dead-stop fire protection on everything it has coated

Provides a unique, thermal-protective coating that can protect structures from burning when they are exposed to the effects of fire

Lasts for up to 24-36 hours depending on weather conditions; misting with additional water spray can extend the protection times

Can be used on houses, shake roofs, decks, fences, outbuildings, sheds, dog houses, log piles, brush, shrubbery, trees, haystacks, cars, boats, grilles, LP and propane tanks

The only U.S. Forest Service approved fire gel that is completely free of hazardous NPE surfactants, which have toxic effects on fresh and saltwater fish and wildlife


"The flames came racing in, driven by the 45 mph gusts... When it reached the line of Barricade, it stopped cold! The winds fanned the flames to the West of us and over past the neighbors’ homes, but the fire never made it past the Barricade gel I had laid down in the dried-out brush."


- Jack (Barricade Customer)

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How Does Barricade Fit

With Our Fire Strong Approach?




Use as an affordable DIY tool to implement a non-combustible zone quickly before an evacuation


Use as a spot treatment for valuable items or small structures around the home or detached from the primary dwelling

Use in conjunction with the Edge Builder Water System to extend the footprint of the Non-Combustible Zone around your home


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All Barricade products ship direct to your door, ready to protect on arrival. 

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